Parish Pastoral Council


If you have any queries, or an issue for the attention of the council or would like to get involved in our parish community,  please inform the appropriate member namely below;

Spiritual Advisor: Reverend Father. Christopher Jackson

Chair: Emma Waldock

Vice Chair: Alexandra White

Secretary: Dominic A Gray

Finances: Phillip Maitland, Anne Collingwood

Health and Safety: John Quinn, Michael Collingwood

Liturgical Ceremonies: Dominic A Gray

Communication: Emma Waldock, Louise Maitland, Jack Avery, Dominic Gray

Forward Together in Hope: Ian Hunter

Grounds and Maintenance: Michael Collingwood, Ian Hunter

Safeguarding: Kathleen Sharpe, Jacqueline Gray

Social Activities: Ruth Maitland, Louise Maitland, Jacqueline Gray, Anne Collingwood Kathy Palmer, Claire Avery, Jack Avery

Youth Ministry: Jacqueline Gray, Dominic Gray

Parish Council Minutes:

To get in touch with our parish council, please use the form below.