Forward Together in Hope

FTIH PrayerForward Together is a three-year Diocesan program of renewal in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. Forward Together in Hope is an opportunity for ourselves as a community to open our hearts and minds to the Lord to discern Gods will for our Diocese and parishes and how we can fully flourish as a community in the future, as we move Forward Together in Hope.

Each Parish in the Diocese will undergo self-assessment using information held centrally by the Diocese through this, each worshipping community can analyse how they can best flourish into the future.

At St Bede’s a steering group have worked tirelessly to investigate our worshipping community so that we can move Forward Together in Hope.

You can view our St Bede’s Parish Questionnaire Response, this is also available on the noticeboard at the back of Church.

September 2016

– The parish has a received a very positive response to our initial questionnaire submitted to the diocese some months ago. This report outlined the key elements of what our parish community is doing well.

-This report has been read thoroughly by the parish council.