Jubilee Year of Mercy

Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy 

In March 2015, Our Holy Father, Pope Francis announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy. A year of Jubilee is a very special year announced by the Church. It is an opportunity for worshiping Catholics around the world to receive many blessings and pardon from God for the forgiveness of sins.

The Church has announced a Jubilee Year every twenty-five​ or fifty years since the year 1300. This year Pope Francis is calling upon the whole Church to respond to his Papacy’s central message of compassion and pardon.

Pope Francis encourages us all to look deep into our relationship with God for mercy. He also asks how we ourselves can show mercy towards others?

Pope Francis called that a Holy Door of Mercy is to be opened all Cathedrals for the Jubilee Year. Catholics around the world are encouraged to pass through the Holy Door as a sign of faith, pardon and of our entering into the presence of God.

Throughout this Holy Year of Mercy, there will be many special Diocesan events and parish celebrations taking place to mark this Holy Year.

“This sacred time is for mending bridges, putting things right and welcoming those who are estranged. It is a time for healing in families and between friends; a time for gentle mercy and acceptance” (Bishop Séamus Cunningham, 13th Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle)